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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Is it possible to see money as some type of mass rather than a number or quantity?

Maybe just like a pile of gold coins would be something to view in this direction -

Perhaps dissecting that pile of gold into it's minute elements is what has made life so indigestable for so many people -

You know - everyone is just not comfortable with dealing in pure numbers - and some don't have the ability to be creative with all things - including mathematics -
posted by Walter Paul  # 10:25 PM

Thursday, March 24, 2005

If money is just an idea - then since there are an infinite number of interpretations to any idea - then there must be an infinite number of ideas or interpretations as to what money really is - based on the number of people in the world and how many interpretations each one of those individual people have along the way during each day and all told during each one's life.

Given this fact - who knows what you are giving me in exchange for what I am giving you at any one moment during any one transaction - only you and I know within ourselves what the answers to that are and since this is another truth it does not matter whatsoever what those answers are.


By the way - if a person thinks that money is more than an idea then that therefore also is an idea and a varying one differing from one individual thinking that money is more than just an idea to the next individual thinking that money is more than idea -

It does not matter!
posted by Walter Paul  # 7:23 PM


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