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Monday, October 06, 2003

Since the beginning of time it has been observed that the currency or money being created along with new tools to manipulate, create, grow and store it have been developing way faster than those who are creating these things realize - that means that the exact quality - quantity and nature of what exists today is way beyond even those who have created whatever exists today - so who exactly knows or has the answer to what exists?
How do such answers develop or evolve or come about?

Any ideas? Yes ideas are the key to taking any tool whether it is financial or otherwise and using it in some way or fashion that was not envisioned when it was developed or invented - so how many newly invented uses can be developed - an infinite number? That means - therefore that the number of infinite ways of utilizing the tool of money are expanding just about every single day - all depending on the perceptions that the many people who have this tool have of what it can be used for! And that idea in itself implies that the value of that tool - money in this case - is increasing and expanding whether people acknowledge this increase in value or not!
posted by Walter Paul  # 1:15 AM


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