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Sunday, September 28, 2003

Artificial Currency -

Has been created for me in numerous ways -

First the Digital Camera - where the cost of the film and processing to create images has been totally eliminated - in it's place is the reusable compact flash which can be used over and over practically endlessly as long as there is no damage from missuse or elelctical failure within the system such as an electrical short.

Second the Internet itself - allows me to place images up on web sites to share with various people for free and to indicate a price for a high resolution signed original print if a serious collector requires such a product. Once the image is posted I am able to continue work as if I have been completely paid for all the work I have previously created this way. I have noticed that any downtime of the server preventing me from adding new images to the web site - slows my productivity to a standstill - while I wait to maintain a balance by not creating more images than I can reasonably upload.

Third the web log (Blog) - allows me to put ideas down such as what you are reading now and share it with others and at the same time to remove the stop gap within my own thinking which occurs while the thoughts such as what you are reading - are waiting to be expressed - this expression here will allow me to continue - either in this direction further or to move on to another direction - making a flow possible -

This flow I am calling Artificial Currency since it smoothes and speeds up the process of productivity in ways beyond comprehension at this very moment -
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Sunday, September 21, 2003

Often I have noticed ***

When people don't seem to be able to "get out from underneath" the bills coming in - it is very often because they don't appreciate the use of the money that they have put to work (to receive services or purchase various items - or invested) as well as the structure within which they have chosen to operate and therefore have not accepted the concept that they have been "playing the game" as they may refer to it - in their own way - by their own rules - and that is fine - however a closer look - from farther away - would probably be less frustrating - and make life more enjoyable than fixing their sights on only the bills at hand - this "tunnel vision" excludes the fact that there is an entire picture at play in their "game" - a less frustrating game occurs when there is a balance not only in your life - but in your vision as well -
posted by Walter Paul  # 4:11 AM

Thursday, September 18, 2003

In the old days we sat mezmerized in anticipation of what Mr. GreenJeans on Capatain Kangaroo was going to tell us for the week - that was just us junior folk within the U.S. that had the t.v.
on and the time to watch the program - Captain Kangaroo.

Today we sit mezmerized in anticipation of a Mr. Greenspan on the Federal Reserve Board as it's Chairman who holds us in awe awaiting his latest words - while the audience has expanded to the far corners of the Earth - or at least to where anyone cares about how those words will effect the perceptions of those people involved with the world's financial markets -

I wonder who is Green next on the agenda?
posted by Walter Paul  # 5:14 AM

Friday, September 12, 2003

What you want is either
a think tank
an oreo cookie

something which is based in intellectual capital
a simple product that just has to be reproduced over and over and over again!
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